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Here are a some of the first Reviews I’ve received re: My new album release “She Won’t Talk To Me”.


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Reflections In Blue

Robert Burton Hubele & Brad Steckel

She Won’t Talk To Me


Often referred to as the Poet of the Blues, Hubele is a master storyteller, superb guitarist and his abilities as songwriter are unequalled.  In short, he is a wordsmith of the first order.  It gets no better than this.  Add his stellar guitar work and smooth as silk vocals, and you have a winner.  The fun does not stop there.  Add the talents of guitar virtuoso Brad Steckel.  Brad, a native of Easton, PA and a graduate of the Berklee College of Music, in Boston, has been a professional guitarist since the age of 14.  Early on he toured in support of some of the best known bands in the Rock world.  He has since relocated to Calgary, Alberta Canada, where he runs a state of the art recording studio.  His style compliments that of Hubele beautifully, making for an album that sounds rich, full and absolutely “eargasmic”, to quote an old friend of mine.  Hubele is a well-rounded musician, extremely well versed in countless musical styles.  His masterful work with wording earned him the title of “Poet Of The Blues.”  His blend of blues and a velvety-smooth jazz is relaxing, wrapping itself around the listener like that old afghan, crocheted by your Grandmother.  She Won’t Talk To Me is his tenth CD release, the title tune featured in the movie “No Men Beyond This Point”, in which Robert Burton Hubele is featured playing the song.  The CD features 11 songs penned by the master wordsmith, covering topics like life, love and death.  An incredibly diverse album, She Won’t Talk To Me flows from style to style, effortlessly…taking the listener on a musical journey that covers blues in many forms, soulful ballads and even a touch of country.  This is the kind of album you put in the player, hit the repeat button and settle in with a nice bottle of your drink of choice…your beloved close at hand.  Call him a bluesman, a singer/songwriter, a balladeer, a songster or whatever you like.  This is an exceptional album from an artist who writes from wells of experience…one factor that give music power and an air of authenticity.  Any way you look at it, this is a great album you won’t want to miss.

Bill Wilson

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RootsTime, Belgium Radio and On Line Magazine

Robert Burton Hubele is a Canadian singer-songwriter, who has been active since 1972 as acoustic, electric and dobro blues, jazz and rock guitarist. He worked for years in the steel industry and wrote his first song at the age of twenty. “House Of The Rising Sun” by The Animals was Robert’s first interest in music. Hubele hit will be interested in the music of the old blues men and later by Chuck Tracy (a seasoned musician and his roommate) in jazz. His descent from rural Alberta can also be heard in his music. Commencement 70s hit Hubele captivated by the slide dobro, after hearing Bonnie Raitt. Raitt learned to play slide guitar by Mississippi Fred McDowell. After his album “Highway Of Dreams” (2012) Hubele (again together with his buddy producer Brad Steckel) recently released the album “She Will not Talk To Me” off. It is his tenth studio album with ten original songs and one “hidden” track.

“She Will not Talk To Me” is beside the opener of the album, a song from the movie “No One Beyond This Point”. It is, as most of the songs on the album, a song with a story. Here the story of the man who finds the right woman, who turns out to be but just then in the company of the wrong man. “Life Is Funny” is a blues ballad with a positive message and “Sweet Talk” an uptempo blues song, which he was still in the prices. “Get (Down) To The Bottom,” a hallucinatory raga / blues song, is biting the special duck in the blues. It’s a song that no doubt remains as nahangen. “I Cried Your Name” is a country song, which refers to its country of origin and “Such A Little Thing”, a song about giving and receiving, is a mid-tempo rocker swamp, which does well with this. With “Without You” the pace is even more aware of, and then unwind in the country ballad “Baby Come Down”. Hubele wrote after a tour in Portugal down his impressions in the Latino rocker “Portugal”. The regular valve called “Oh Mama” and is a ballad that Hubele wrote as a tribute to his mother. She made under difficult circumstances, without ever complaining, for him and seven other children. The promised “hidden” track called “If You Love Christmas”. It’s a mid-tempo ballad, for which sounds very promising and already promising, the next Christmases.

And “She Will not Talk To Me” Robert Burton Hubele again proves its versatility and musicianship. For lovers of “easy blues” music and where you can lie back in reverse, this is the right choice.

Eric Schuurmans

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We had an intense but very enjoyable 5 days in the studio, where I was able to nail the vocals in one or two takes for most of the songs. Brad took care of the instrumentation and I provided the words & music & vocals. We make an awesome team!


This song, Baby Come Down, is from my New Album She Won’t Talk To Me.

The photos are mine.


Musician, storyteller, and blue collar icon of Canadian life. Robert Burton Hubele a writer and performer of original blues-jazz, and a storyteller, has a catalogue of experiences as varied as the styling’s of his bluesy jazzy songs. Always a songwriter first, Hubele has created his tenth cd release, She Won’t Talk To Me, a collection of dynamic travelling romances. As a songwriter Hubele writes about ordinary things that become extraordinary with just a little extra care.

Robert Hubele’s earliest influence was the earthy beat and emotional impact of the blues as he played along with recordings of B.B. King, Howlin’ Wolf, Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters, and Freddie and Albert King. His introduction to jazz, happened through Chuck Tracy, a veteran lounge musician. Listening to Chuck rehearse Robert got turned onto music from Tom Waits, Mose Allison and Fats Waller, Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Benny Goodman, Cab Calloway and Louis Jordan. There is an inevitable country influence in Robert’s music, which comes from growing up in the prairies with the songs of Hank Williams, Hank Snow, and Marty Robbins as a background to his life.

His current influences are his long time friend/producer/guitar player Brad Steckel and songwriters like John Hiatt and  Patty Griffin.


I’m  featured in a new movie Directed by Mark Sawers entitled “No Men Beyond This Point”, in which I perform  my song  She Won’t Talk To Me. The Movie may be playing in Your City. Watch for it!

If you’re anywhere in the world but Canada, you might hear me playing She Won’t Talk To Me behind the trailer for the film ‘No Men Beyond This Point’ in the next few months!

The Vancouver Premier was at the Rio Theatre on Sept.26. We found the movie a hilarious romp! Really funny with a very thoughtful subtext. I quite enjoyed seeing myself in my small part, singing my song “She Won’t Talk To Me”.

My good friends and excellent musicians Brad Steckel (Producer/guitars), Kristian Alexandrov (drums & percussion), & Brent Gubbles (acoustic bass) and I recorded a full-band version of my song “She Won’t Talk To Me”at CBC Studios Nov. 16th for the end credit roll of  ‘No Men Beyond This Point’. It turned out Great, as I knew it would using these guys!


I’m happy to announce that, through the good offices of my Agent, Jan Cooper of Cooper Studios, I was able to secure Recording, Distibution, Digital Media, and Publishing contracts with the following companies at MIDEM this year.

Cataloghi Musicali – Italy

Rossio Music Publishing LDA – Portugal, Mozambique, Angola

Kdigital Media – Digital & Master RightsKorea & Asia (Japan/ China/ HongKong/ Taiwan/ Thailand/ Vietnam/ Laos/ Myanma/ Mongolia/ Indonesia/ Phillipines/ Cambodia/ Malaysia/ Nepal/ Oman/ Singapore/ Kuwait/ India/ Pakistan/ UAE

Thanks Again Jan! And of course to collaborator Brad Steckel at Nevin Park Studios who plays such a large part in my sound!


I’ve just finished a Tour of Portugal courtesy of my good friends Mirjam & Gerrit Klaassen of Tomar, Portugal. I had an absolutely wonderful and successful tour of this delightful country. A curious mix of very old and very new, the people were warm and accepting, and when not playing I spent many warm nights at dinner in various new friends houses getting to know the cuisine and local wines.

Musicians’ Tour of Portugal #1

Musicians’ Tour of Portugal #2

Musicians’ Tour of Portugal #3

Musicians’ Tour of Portugal #4

Musicians’ Tour of Portugal #5


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 “Make some room in your collection – here’s a short list of records worth checking out.”

“Robert Burton Hubele isn’t flashy but his easy blues style and low-key approach will have you returning to his latest album, Highway Of Dreams.”

Tom Harrison – Entertainment – The Province – March 25/13


“Our favorite troubador from Alberta…entertainment with a Huge capital E. Robert’s CD offers the ‘Classical’ Hubele ingredients: strong, very strong songs, a deep roaring expressive voice, solid guitar playing, and lyrics that tell stories. It’s pretty much an effort that leaves you breathless.”

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‘Robert Burton Hubele is a kool kat whose sound can best be described as a Starbucks Chai Tea Latte with a side of coffee cake; its a great way to cure your hunger and thirst for something sweet and refreshing.’

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